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Why Your Trucking Business Needs Its Own Merchant Account

Over the last five years it’s gotten harder and harder for truckers to make a living thanks to the economy, high fuel prices and cost of living. As many trucking companies have gone out of business more companies are staying in business by leveraging the power of the internet and merchant accounts to keep their businesses alive and thriving.

Why Trucking Companies Need Merchant Accounts

• More ways to pay – Instead of accepting payments by check or over the phone, a trucking company can send their customer a link to their secure payment gateway so the customer can pay online.
• Paid instantly – With a merchant account, the business will be paid instantly and they will no longer have to wait for the payment or deal with the age old excuse that the check is in the mail.
• Easy to use – Merchant accounts are easy to use and will cut down on the expenses that other businesses have to deal with like postage etc.

How to Set Up a Merchant Account

Step 1 – Search online for a merchant processor that offers affordable rates.
Step 2 – Sign up online for the merchant account. Most processors typically take 5 days or longer to approve a business for new merchant accounts and internet merchant accounts. The approval rate for a merchant account is typically 98% or better so even if a business has bad credit they can still get approved for a new merchant account.
Step 3 – Once a business has been approved for a new merchant account they should set up their payment gateway or online shopping cart so they can accept payments online.
Step 4 – After the online shopping cart is set up, the business owner should email their customers to inform them that they can now conveniently and easily pay their bills online right from their trucking website.


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