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Wireless Broadband Options for Truckers

Being a trucker isn’t easy. The average over the road trucker can spend more than one week per month on the road away from family and friends while they are picking up and delivering loads across the country.

Over the last ten years it’s gotten easier for truckers to stay connected when they are out on the road thanks to wireless adsl internet which makes it possible for truckers to access the internet from anywhere they are in the United States.

Best Wireless Broadband Internet Providers

In today’s world, the best carriers for wireless broad broadband internet are those companies that have been leading the way in cellphone service for the last 20 years. Companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all have excellent, nationwide, wireless broadband networks which will enable them to enjoy high speed internet on the road, just like they would at home.

Set Up Costs

Many wireless broadband internet carriers charge $30 to $100 for the USB wireless router that plugs into any laptop or computer and then $50 or more per month for the actual service. The price that you pay depends on the speed that you want. The average wireless broadband speed is 3G but many networks like Verizon and AT&T are claiming to offer 4G broadband speeds nationwide. Before truckers settle on a wireless broadband carrier, it’s important to verify the reliability of their network just to make sure that coverage will be available in the areas that the trucker is traveling in.

Satellite Internet VS Wireless Broadband Internet

For those truckers who don’t want to choose a wireless broadband internet service there is always satellite internet that they can choose from. With satellite internet, a computer user will no longer have to worry about not getting a signal if they are not traveling out of their network. Many truckers prefer satellite internet because, it offers them the benefit of an always on internet connection without having to deal with the hassle of downtime or slow connection speeds due to network unreliability.


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